Meet your photographer/videographer...Sydney Contois

Wedding Photographer

The Beginning

My name is Sydney. I am the owner and person behind the camera at Sydney Contois Photography.

Photography has been my passion since before Digital cameras were even a thing. My photography went from a hobby/passion to a career when I had my first son, I remember photographing him and my eyes would swell up with tears because I was so amazed just watching him and thinking “I want to remember this moment for the rest of my life." It was then when I realized I wanted to capture these memories for other families. Time goes fast and it is my promise to provide beautiful memories to look back on and cherish for the rest of your life. 

I have 3 beautiful children, Barron (9), Deegan (6) and Kingsley (2). I am fueled by my love for them and it pushes me to constantly strive to provide the best most memorable life for them! Photography gives me the opportunity to be a Mom and a business women. I thrive off human interaction, I am a huge people person and there could be 100 people in a room and I could build a connection with every single one of them! I am a TV show junkie, binge watching shows, coffee, rainy days and the fall/winter seasons are my favorite. I love adventure and laughing until my tummy hurts! I promise you, my goal during our session is to get the most real and raw shots as possible, even if it means being a goofball to make you laugh. I am not shy and I have more energy then most people! Im a junk food queen, Pizza, Tacos and Burgers are L.I.F.E.

Although I am based in Palm Springs, California, I travel throughout the valley, as far as Orange County and surrounding areas. No destination is too far for my clients. Photography is my passion and I enjoy meeting so many different people at different locations. 

Wedding Photography with direction
Family Photographer

meet one of our videographerS... natae williams


a video is forever

Hi, I'm Natae. I currently reside in a small town just outside of Joshua Tree, Ca. Sydney and I have been friends since grade school and when given the chance to merge our lifelong friendship into a business partnership, we both jumped at the opportunity. It’s been a blessing to work along side my best friend and to be able to use my creative skills to capture and create precious memories for our family, friends and clients. I have worn many hats in my time, all of which, in some form, required a certain type of creativity, skill and eye for what makes for beautiful and unique content. When I started capturing and creating videos for clients, it was like the universe had finally set me on the path that I was meant to be on. I feel in love with the process of meshing all of the important and "big moments" during an event with all of the small details that personalize and bring that specific event to life. There are few things that excite me more than bringing all of those moments together on video. I strive to visually tell a story that connects you emotionally, moment by moment, to your special day. Thank you for choosing me to help you relive those memories time and time again.